AALC’s landscape management program is an industry leading multi-faceted approach that encompasses strategic and proven processes to deliver the greatest value for every site we set foot on. From estate homes to corporate campuses our teams deliver through regular training and the most innovative equipment on the market. Our vision for our client’s sites is to be the single source solution for all our clients landscape management needs.


AALC landscape management professionals will work with you to develop a multiyear plan to help you budget for regular maintenance costs along with capital improvement costs so that your assets are always looking their best. From budget development to design planning our team will bring innovative ideas and industry best practices for you to consider.


Our team performs these routine maintenance visits on a weekly basis all throughout the year. These visits are scheduled and consistent and that allows our clients to manage other tenants/customers, contractors or even events on their sites. Our management team is adaptive and will adjust service frequency or services all together based on the climatic conditions at any site. To self-audit our own performance and document our work the account management team at AALC conducts a monthly LQA (landscape quality audit) that showcases the current conditions of each site.


To make a site stand out from the rest our team of landscape professionals can help enhance a site through upgrades and additions to the existing landscape. Landscape enhancements are a great way to spruce up an aging landscape or draw attention to a new area of the property with intriguing and appealing design and installation. From simple enhancements like seasonal color or mulching to complete reconstruction or drainage improvements our team will be there every step of the way.


Irrigation is an important part of any properly maintained landscape. Water brings about well rooted and flourishing plants that will endure the heat stress common to our region’s summers. AALC irrigation technicians ensure that systems are functioning correctly with monthly irrigation checks on each site. If inefficient or inoperable equipment is found our technicians report it and can repair in the same visit. AALC also provides irrigation audits to provide insight into more efficient equipment or better functionality of existing equipment to reduce each sites water consumption.


Landscape drainage systems are important to protecting desired landscape features from excessive water. Drainage systems can range in size and complexity but either way they must be installed correctly to function as intended. Using trenching equipment and crews of trained drainage installers AALC can help mitigate any water infiltration concerns from design to installation our team will help keep water from heading to areas of the site it should not.


AALC provides complete landscape management, enhancement and irrigation services to residential clients in our current service areas. Our residential services receive the same level of professionalism and detail as all our commercial sites. Offering year-round services our residential clients quickly see the value that AALC brings to estate home maintenance.